I got lot of things to loose, I need to figure out how to make it less. Probably, if I got less things to loose, I can also reduce the burden to my br...

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things to loose

november rain

No, this november rain has nothing to do with the November rain song by guns n roses. Its just, today is November 1st and its raining season. Its a mo...

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November Rain

difference between

Difference between some people are not wise enough to realize, there is difference between each person. They thought if someone could do and achieve s...

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Difference between

malaysian english blog

Today i went through some blogs, and then i look at their bloglist and i just find out that there’s a lot Malaysian English blog especially writ...

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Malaysian english blog


WHAT IS ADVERTORIAL? To those who befriend with me at fb would have notice that lately I has update my status regarding advertorial. Some ask me what ...

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great bloggers

Every great bloggers has their own secret. What are the secret of great bloggers? Even great and success bloggers usually share tips and tricks on blo...

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Secret of great bloggers